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Our Services

HR Services

Talent Acquisition

TrueLedge offers you a full-service package (End to end Recruitment and Selection) you can trust. No more long lead time! Our talent acquisition services help you achieve your goals in a strategic and effective way.We focus on creating talent strategies to attract the right people with the right skills to take your organization. We efficiently and effectively handle the entire recruiting process – from sourcing to hiring and onboarding successful professionals. No matter what your needs are or what transformations your business is navigating through, we can help you address your challenges and identify the world-class talent you need to position your business for breakthrough success. We ensure a smooth transition and employee onboard with regular check-ins with the hiring manager and candidates.

Payroll Management

We provide secure and best complete payroll outsourcing services to small businesses as well as medium and large organisations. Our payroll outsourcing services cover error free end to end payroll compliances, salary calculation, deduction, expense reimbursements, benefits and retirement payouts, and filling of returns for PF, PT, ESI, LWF, and TDS and year end investment proof verification. We not only take care of your Payroll administration but also can give you the best solution for your Staffing, Statutory Compliance, HRMS Implementation, HR Consulting, Recruitment services. We ensures a high level of security of data and information in any format. We are maintaining the absolute confidentiality of client and employee information at all times.

HR Statutory Compliances

TrueLedges helps clients ensure compliance with statutory regulations such as labor laws. We assist in the maintenance of registers, licensing, government inspections, etc. Companies, big and small must adhere to statutory laws and regulations to keep the businesses out of any legal trouble and avoid penalties. Keeping track of changing government norms and regulations at all times is not easy and is a challenge in most companies. We provide statutory compliance services to help companies deal with such challenges. This includes, but is not limited to, your Provident Fund, ESIC, Profession Tax, Labour Welfare Fund and other statutory deductions applicable for your particular organization. Through our services, we minimize the risk associated with non-compliance.

Accounting Services

Accounting & Book Keeping

We offer professional consulting services for small, medium to large businesses. We ensure all a business’s accounts are accurate and up-to-date and report on those accounts regularly and well-maintained books make it easy for accountants to step in and do their thing at financial year end. Our team works to provide you with appropriate accounting and bookkeeping services that comply with all rules and regulations. Our services are innovative, comprehensive and track your accounts on a very regular note and also help your business run smoother.

MIS Reporting

MIS report can be described as a system that provides important information for the management of your company. MIS collaborates with people, technology, and business processes within an organization. We helps its clients in giving timely and accurate information on financial health of the company in the form of periodic MIS reports with detailed analyses with suggestive actions to implement. This helps our clients gain a competitive advantage. Companies are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses due to the presence of strong of MIS and Reporting Process.

Financial Reporting

We help companies establish effective internal control over financial reporting. We work with our clients helping them improve their financial reporting processes and ensure that the accounting treatment of specified transactions reflects their commercial substance and related business objectives. We can help you understand how changes in financial reporting standards and sector specific regulations affect the financial statements and assist you in deciding on complex accounting issues.


Tax Compliance and Reporting

TrueLedge provides clients with the full range of tax compliance and reporting services. Tax compliance means taxpayers' decision to comply with tax laws and regulations by paying taxes timely and accurately. We will work with you to ensure that processes are as integrated and efficient as possible so that you meet all relevant filing deadlines. Our services to help clients achieve their mission of high quality, lower-cost compliance, while reducing the inherent risks in compliance and reporting processes.

GST Registration and Filling

GST (Goods and Services Tax) Registration and filling process involving submission of several business details along with certain supporting documents it’s like nature of business, types of supplies/ services, category of registration etc., are required to be undertaken.Our dedicated team is available to offer end to end services in accordance with your requirements and clarify your questions.